a unique apartment community fostering growth and independence in adults with special needs

The Independent Apartment Community Group (IAC) was initially created in an effort to answer the question
of how to best describe the unique Casa model. From there it has evolved into the IAC Group, an association of
organizations, professionals, families, and individuals that believe that Independent Apartment Communities
represent a unique, beneficial, and preferred option for housings and supports for those individuals with intellectual
and developmental disabilities. The IAC exists to offer education, resources, networking, and support for those who
want to create Independent Apartment Communities in their local area and to support existing Independent
Apartment Communities to best fulfill their mission in a sustainable and person-centered focus.
Check out this informative website at independentapartmentcommunities.com.
IAC Distinctives
Offer housing and support services for adults with development and intellectual disabilities
The programming and supports are comprehensive, optional, individualized, flexible and person-centered
IAC’s avoid the creation of community rules that limit individualization, person-centered plans, and freedom of each resident
Individual apartments in the building with no shared bedrooms or bathrooms
A building with a shared front door to access the apartment community
All residents have their own building front door and apartment key and
can access the building and their apartment independently at any time
Common areas create social opportunities in a safe and responsive environment
Shared meals are offered in order to create a family dining experience
24-hour staffing is provided as a part of an IAC
Any IAC will offer a lease agreement with all the legal protection of any
landlord/tenant agreement
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