our community support program

We are continually working to effectively meet the needs of our residents, however we understand
there is an overwhelming demand beyond what we can realistically support. Currently we have
a waiting list of applicants who have completed the admissions process and more applications
processing. Beyond that, we are averaging three tours a week from families and
professionals who want to be part of our unique model.

Our new offsite program was developed for one reason only; to help meet the needs of our wait-list
clients and families so that they are able to live more independently. We emphasize that this is not about
increasing Casa’s revenue or adding census. We simply believe we can impact more lives while adding to
the number of friendships available to our residents. Currently we can support at least six offsite
clients without sacrificing our longstanding Mission and commitment to our existing residents.

For all our Community Support clients, the services are the same as they are for any resident
living at Casa. Offsite clients have the same access to meals, community activities, CasaU groups,
common areas, exercise programs, etc. Supported living services are conducted in their own homes
by the same staff members already providing support at Casa. Our staff will drive to these client’s
homes and transport them just as they would for our residents for things such as medical
appointments, grocery shopping, or other miscellaneous activities.

The living arrangements are secured independently by their families at nearby
condominiums or single family homes. They walk to Casa each day for meals,
groups, activities, or just to hang out, which keeps them from the isolation
that is so common when living alone. Casa cannot provide onsite staffing
at their homes, however a 24-hour a day emergency number is provided,
and an on-call support is always available both day and
night. While this program is still being
evaluated to determine the exact
number Casa can effectively
sustain, we are happy to
report it has been
a huge success!
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