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CasaU is Casa de Amma’s learning program which provides a variety of educational opportunities
for our residents and focuses on stimulating intellectual growth. It is divided into four segments:
Life Skills, Education, Creative Arts, Health and Wellness. Classes are taught by staff members and
local professionals and have an established curriculum where the instructors meet regularly with
our Activities Coordinator to review each participant’s progress.

Our learning program does not operate as a traditional classroom. We require residents to enroll
but we do not work within a standard grading system. When the course has concluded, we issue a
certificate of completion for those who have finished their studies. We also encourage family members,
residents and staff to provide feedback and suggest additional content to enhance the curriculum.
CasaU classes are offered throughout the week and range in duration from 30-90 minutes each.
Our Learning Lounge is also available for one-on-one tutoring if requested by the family.

We utilize the latest technology in our classroom; tablets, laptops, gaming systems, learning apps,
and a variety of software programs. By providing modern technology and instruction, learning
becomes fun and residents are encouraged to grow. Our vision is that each participant will become
a lifelong learner and achieve greater capabilities as the result.
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