our programs

Casa de Amma’s Service Fees and Rent are $47,016 per year. The cost
includes rent of an apartment, all support services offered by Casa de Amma,
dinners six nights a week and breakfast seven days a week, and access to
everything offered by the community. Fees are paid on a quarterly basis.

Additionally we have Casa’s Community Supports, which is an offsite program
that provides the same support and community our Casa residents receive for those
who are independent enough to secure their own housing within walking distance
and live successfully offsite. With this option the support services offered, meals
and access to everything offered by the community is the same as a resident,
the only difference being that Casa de Amma doesn’t provide an apartment.
The annual fee for Casa’s Community Supports is $28,080.

$10,000 due upon move-in. 50% of this deposit is non-refundable. The refundable
balance of the deposit is considered a security deposit and may be used to offset
against any outstanding amounts due the community, including any repairs that
may be necessary to the resident’s apartment.

Casa de Amma will cover utility expenses for water, gas
and trash. Residents will be responsible for electric
utilities, phone service, cable TV, internet access and
the furnishings for their apartment. Each resident
must maintain a personal checking account
(ask about details) and are responsible for their
own lunches and dinners on Saturday evenings.




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