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Each year we typically host a Benefit Dinner Fundraiser in which will celebrate our many years of success and offer an opportunity to raise the funds necessary to continue our mission. This special evening focuses on the difference we are making in the lives of our residents and will highlight their abilities as they strive for independence. The funds raised support our various programs, provide financial aid to residents in need, fund major capital improvements and strengthen our reserves to ensure years of support as they age. With your help, we can continue to provide support services to special needs adults so they can become contributing members of their community.

Casa de Amma is designed as a long-term home for our Residents, where staff provides structure, guidance and assistance with independent living skills; all of which we – without learning disabilities – take for granted. Instead of living in social isolation, our Residents have jobs, do volunteer work and most importantly have friends and a life of their own! Because of the importance of our mission we are committed to building our Reserve Fund to ensure we have adequate savings for any unforeseen financial needs. Please consider donating to our Reserve Fund to ensure the viability and ongoing success of our wonderful program.

Casa de Amma is a community that supports residents of various socioeconomic backgrounds.
We invite you to contribute to our financial aid fund so that eligible applicants won’t be denied support at Casa de Amma due to the lack of economic resources. Our Financial Aid Fund has also been used on a short term basis to support families who undergo a financial crisis. You can be assured that any donation you make will have a significant impacton the residents. Donations are fully deductible as a charitable contribution. Thank you in advance for your support! For questions, please contact
Aaron Vorell at 949-496-9001 x103 or

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