a unique apartment community fostering growth and independence in adults with special needs
When you don’t want to live alone
 but want a life of your own. . .

Casa de Amma nurtures the abilities and independence of adults with special needs.
We provide a broad spectrum of vocational, residential, social and educational opportunities
in a responsive and caring environment. Our programs are designed to meet the unique
needs of each resident and provide a fulfilling experience for the entire family. We believe
that with individualized support each resident can create a life they are proud of.

Residents benefit the most when their families are supportive and involved in the
individualized program created for their son or daughter. We strive to work as a team with
each resident, their family and our staff, by creating person-centered, effective support.
Our staff includes highly skilled professionals who provide responsive and effective
support services to our very special population.

Casa de Amma believes adults with special needs can and should be productive,
contributing members of their community. Our supported living environment provides
every opportunity for life long learning and achieving personal potential. We offer services
to enhance the overall independence of residents while maintaining the structure necessary
to promote safety, health and well-being.

Because of their unique profile, these adults are often under served by
available organizations and institutions. Our program assures they receive
comprehensive services tailored to the needs of each of our residents.
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