volunteer program

We know that the Casa volunteers play important roles in the lives of our residents.
We are looking to expand our volunteer network which will help our residents continue to
increase their skills so they can experience more fulfilling lives. A volunteer’s position differs from
our staff or a resident’s family, and can add to the quality of life for a very special population
Once accepted into our program, volunteers will be asked to meet the criteria for
their position and will then receive training specific for that job.

Positions Available

Enrichment Group Leader: Examples may include a fitness class, art course, Bible study,
sports group, etc. The volunteer would plan and lead their group so as to benefit the residents
who attend to increase socialization by participating in an activity and learning a new skill.

Casa Buddy: A volunteer might be teamed up with one or two residents to help them
improve their socialization skills and will act as a role model for a healthy relationship.
Casa Buddies typically participate in activities such as playing games, seeing a movie,
going out to lunch, etc. and all costs are paid by each individual participating.
A Casa Buddy is teamed with a resident(s) by a staff member
and with permission from each resident’s family.

Special Event/Staff Assistance Volunteer: This is someone who volunteers
on an occasional basis to help with a special event, specific activity or outing
and is not required to lead the event or activity they are participating in.
This volunteer will not be responsible for a resident(s) on their own
but will always be teamed with a staff member for an event.

If you would like to participate, please respond to the email below.

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